Will Clear Nail Polish Stop Gold From Tarnishing? Tips to Prevent Damage!

will clear nail polish stop gold from tarnishing

After seeing a number of tik tok videos proclaiming clear nail polish as a new hack, we reached out to local jewelers to see if putting clear nail polish on gold really works. And most importantly, if it damages your jewelry. 

Here’s their feedback:

Gold jewelry is created by melting gold with other metals – most often silver, nickel, zinc or copper. Over time, these metals will inevitably tarnish. This process is accelerated when gold is exposed to air and moisture. 

Putting a clear coat of nail polish over your jewelry will protect the gold from the air and liquids, and thus stop gold from tarnishing. This is particularly effective for gold-plated jewelry which is more fragile and tarnishes quicker. 

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Does Nail Polish Damage Gold?

The nail polish itself is unlikely to damage your gold jewelry. However, removing nail polish with acetone can damage your gold jewelry. 

Nail polish will quickly chip off in the same way that it chips off your nails. This can leave behind an uneven surface and can make the colour look blotchy. This often causes people to chip off the remaining nail polish (which can result in scratching the gold) or scrub it off with acetone which can wear down the gold surface. 

Can You Use Clear Nail Polish on Fake Jewelry?

Yes, this is a great way to protect costume jewelry and prevent it from tarnishing. The clear nail polish coats the surface of your jewelry and prevents scratches and discolouration – making it look nicer for longer. 

Clear nail polish is also a great way to prevent fake jewelry from leaving greenish-black marks on your skin. 

How Long Does Clear Nail Polish Last on Jewelry?

This greatly depends on what type of jewelry you are coating. 

Clear nail polish can last months on earring and necklace pendants, however, it generally starts to chip off necklaces after 2-weeks. The polish chips off rings even quicker, as you are more likely to bang it and scratch it whilst during everyday tasks, such as cooking and cleaning. You can expect your polish to last about a week on a ring if you wear it everyday. 

Prolong the life of your clear coat by removing your jewelry when showering, exercising, and doing physical tasks. 

Is it OK to Put Clear Nail Polish On Earrings?

Yes, clear nail polish is a good way of extending the life of your earrings and preventing metal allergies. However, it is good to be aware that the polish does chip off within a few weeks. If you have a serious metal allergy, check that nail polish coating is still intact before you wear your earrings. 

Clear nail polish doesn’t damage earrings, however, removing the polish can cause chips and scratches. If possible, wait for the polish to wear down evenly and then reapply a new coat without removing the original polish. 

If you choose to apply clear nail polish to the part of the earring that goes through your ear, make sure to apply a thin coat. Otherwise, you risk the earring becoming too bulky to fit through your piercing. 

Is it OK to Put Clear Nail Polish On Earrings?

Will Clear Nail Polish Stop Silver From Tarnishing?

Silver slowly tarnishes when it is exposed to the air. Clear nail polish seals the silver, which stops it from tarnishing. This helps to keep your silver jewelry look its best and also helps to prevent it from leaving a green tinge on your skin.

Will Clear Nail Polish Stop Silver From Tarnishing?


In summary, clear nail polish is a safe and effective way of stopping gold from tarnishing. This helps to prevent your jewelry from leaving green marks on your skin. It also has the added benefit of creating a physical barrier between the jewelry and your skin, which can prevent allergies and irritation.

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