6 Tested Steps to Get Rid of Spiders off Your Porch (and Prevent Them From Coming Back!)

how to get rid of spiders off your porch

Spiders are a crucial part of the ecosystem, but chances are that you’d want them taking over your front porch. With just a little and time effort, you can get rid of spiders and destroy their eggs to prevent future outbreaks. 

Use these tried and tested steps to eliminate your spider problem without having to call pest control.

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6 Tested Steps to Get Spiders off Your Porch

1. Remove all visible signs of spiders and spider webs

Clean everything! 

Remove any plants, shoeboxes, firewood or other objects that act as hiding spots for insects and spiders. Then. use a broom or a vacuum cleaner to get rid of the worst of the spider webs. Start with the porch ceiling and then work your way down the walls and onto the ground.

Next, use a damp cloth and general-purpose cleaning spray (or vinegar) to wipe down the area to remove all traces of the spiders and webs.

Use the same process to clean patio furniture. Spiders love to hide in hard to reach places, so make sure to check underneath the furniture. Remove cushion covers to check for any signs of spiders and wash the covers in the washing machine, if needed. 

  • Tip: If possible, keep firewood and plants off your porch while you are trying to get on top of the problem.
Remove all visible signs of spiders and spider webs

2. Trim any overhanging plants or shrubs next to the porch

Plants and shrubs make great homes for insects. This then attracts spiders who are looking for a meal. 

Use garden shears to trim any plants that are overhanging or directly touching the porch. The only exception is for fragrant plants (such as mint, lavender, eucalyptus, etc), as these actually have the opposite effect and can deter insects.

Trim any overhanging plants or shrubs next to the porch

3. Apply an outdoor spider repellent to any existing web sites

Now that your porch is clean, it’s time to get rid of any remaining spiders and spider eggs. 

Purchase a spider repellent that is specifically designed for outdoor use from your local hardware store. If you have plants on your porch, look for a repellent that is safe to use on and around plants. This will allow you to get rid of the spiders whilst also keeping your plants alive. 

Apply the solution as directed to the porch surfaces. Take extra care to apply the spider repellent to the areas where there were spider webs. This will help to kill any remaining spiders and will also help to destroy any spider eggs. 

Extra Tips:

  • Spider repellents are often labelled as web eliminator sprays, however, they generally achieve the same purpose.  
  • Many hardware stores sell electronic repellents. These are a good option for preventing future outbreaks after the initial clean. Make sure you have an outdoor electrical plug, as electronic repellents typically require 24/7 power. 
Apply an outdoor spider repellent to any existing web sites

4. Remove any foods and liquids from the area

The more insects near your porch, the more spiders you are going to attract. Sitting food and liquids tend to attract insects which will eventually attract spiders. Move any water bowls, water features, and animal food from the area for 3-weeks to see if this is contributing to the number of spiders on your porch. 

Remove any foods and liquids from the area

5. Turn off outdoor lights

Lights attract spiders because they attract one of their favourite food sources – nocturnal insects. This makes it an attractive home to find an easy meal! Spiders will initially make their webs around the lights to catch insects and then the webs will inevitably spread across the porch ceiling. Simply keep the lights off (when practical, of course!) to give spiders less incentive to make your porch their home. 

This is one of the most effective ways to keep spiders off your porch ceiling.

turn off outdoor lights

6. Clean your porch every fortnight

The vast majority of spider eggs take more than 2-weeks to hatch. If you clean your porch once a fortnight, you will destroy any eggs before they hatch – keeping your porch spider-free.

Remove any spiderwebs with a broom and then spray a light coating of spider repellent over all the surfaces on your porch. Starting from the ceiling and working your way down tends to be the most effective approach. Pay extra attention to cracks and holes as spiders love

Use a traditional spider repellent or opt for a DIY repellent/spider web removal spray if you’re after a natural solution. 

To make your own DIY spider web removal spray, you will need:

  • 125mL (1 cup) water
  • 41mL (¼ cup) dishwashing detergent
  • 7 drops of essential oils (lemon balm, spearmint, peppermint, citronella, and orange are  all effective options

Pour the liquids into a glass spray bottle and gently stir with a spoon. Avoid shaking the mixture as this will cause bubbles and make it difficult to spray.

Apply a light coating to all the surfaces on your porch to keep spiders away. 

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Preventing Porch Spiders Long-Term

Consider planting spider repelling plants

Lavender, mint and eucalyptus plants are a great natural way to deter spiders long term. These plants all have pleasant smells, but spiders hate them! 

Lavender and mint both work well in pots and grow well in most conditions. Eucalyptus trees typically grow between 8-20ft, so make sure you have plenty of room before planting. 

Tip: Avoid planting mint in garden beds next to other plants as it has a tendency to become a weed and take over. Planting it in a pot will confine the plant and protect the rest of your garden.

Lavender plants in pots acting as a natural repellent

Use an electronic repellent

If you’re pressed for time, electronic spider repellents are a great low-maintenance way of preventing spiders. Most electronic repellents will need to be plugged into an electrical socket, however, there are a few battery-powered options. 

For best results, measure the size of your space and choose a machine that is suitable for the dimensions of your area.

An electronic spider repellent

Keep Spiders off Your Porch Naturally With Essential Oils

The strong scents of essential oils are a great way to keep spiders away without resorting to chemicals. Lavender, peppermint, spearmint, citronella, orange and lemon balm are all effective options. 

Natural Spider Spray:

  1. Fill a 250mL glass spray bottle with water
  2. Add 10 drops of essential oil (lemon balm, spearmint, peppermint, citronella, and orange all work well)
  3. Shake the bottle
  4. Apply liberally to the porch surfaces weekly. 

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a collection of essential oils to use as natural DIY spider repellents.

Final Notes

Porch spiders (and the pesky spider webs that come with them) are a real pain, but thankfully they can be managed. Getting rid of them initially takes a little effort, but once they’re gone it only takes a few minutes each week to keep on top of.

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