Can You Put Feather Pillows in the Dryer? [[Tips & Tricks to Get Fluffy Pillows]]

Can You Put Feather Pillows in the Dryer?

Yes, you can put feather pillows (also known as down pillows) in the dryer. The tumbling motion of the drier is excellent at breaking down clumps of feathers – helping your pillow to dry effectively. Follow a few easy steps to ensure your pillows retain their soft and fluffy texture.

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How to a Dry Feather Pillows in the Dryer

  1. Dry off excess water with a towel first. Lay your feather pillow in between two towels. Then, gently press down on it. This will transfer any excess water into the towels. Avoid wringing or twisting the pillow, as this can damage the delicate feathers and make your pillow less fluffy. 
  2. Use the delicate setting on your dryer. If your dyer doesn’t have a delicate setting, opt for the low-heat or no-heat setting instead. This helps to prevent the feathers from becoming stiff, which can make your pillow feel flat and hard. 
  3. Fluff your pillow in between cycles. Your pillow will likely take a few cycles to dry. Each time the dryer stops, take out the pillow and gently hit it against a clean surface. This helps to break up any clumps of features and makes the pillow dry faster. 
  • Tip: If you dryer has long cycles, take the pillow out every 20-minutes to fluff it. 
  1. Add dryer balls to your dryer. If you have dryer balls at home, add them to the cycle. As the feathers dry, they often clump together. Dryer balls bounce around the dryer and hit the pillow, breaking up the clumps and making your pillow fluffier. 
  • Tip: If you don’t have dryer balls, use a couple of clean tennis balls instead to achieve a similar effect. 
  1. Shake the pillow to remove any remaining clumps out of the pillows. Once your pillow is dry, hold the top corners of the pillow and shake it vigorously. This will get rid of most of the lumps. If there are any clumps left, gently massage the pillow to pry the feathers apart. 
How to a Dry Feather Pillows in the Dryer

Can You Put Feather Pillows in the Dryer on High Heat?

High heat can damage the feathers and in some instances has caused feather pillows to catch fire. The safest option, for both your pillow and your dryer, is to use the no-heat setting. If you select the low-heat option, pause the cycle every 20-minutes and take out the pillow and give it a good shake. This helps to prevent the pillow from getting too hot and helps to break up any feathers that have dried together. 

Can You Put Feather Pillows in the Dryer on High Heat?

How Long Does It Take To Tumble Dry a Feather Pillow?

On the low heat setting, it normally takes between 15 and 20 minutes for a feather pillow to dry. 

On a no-heat setting, it can take between 30 minutes and 1-hour, depending on how dense the pillow is. 

Before you put your pillow in the dryer, gently press down on it with a towel to remove any excess water. This will help your pillow to dry much quicker. Although, avoid wringing out the water from your pillow, as this can damage the feathers. 

Whilst the low heat setting is quicker, the no-heat setting is safer and will leave your pillow softer and fluffier. 

How long does it take to dry a Feather Pillow?

How Do You Dry a Pillow in the Dryer Without Tennis Balls?

When pillows are put in the dryer by themselves, the feathers can clump together and cause your pillow to become flat and hard. A common DIY method of preventing this is to add tennis balls into the dryer. However, this isn’t the only way to ensure your pillow retains its volume. 

Instead of a tennis ball, try adding a few small soft toys (without plastic parts) into the wash. You can also tie old (but clean) t-shirts into a ball and add them to the dryer cycle. These also help to reduce the noise of the pillow banging around in the dryer. 

Alternatively, you can air-dry down pillows. Start by pressing on the pillow with a towel to remove the excess water. Then, lay the pillow on a clean surface in a warm and sunny spot. Air drying allows the feathers to regain their fluffy texture and doesn’t over-dry them. 

How Do You Dry a Pillow in the Dryer Without Tennis Balls?


Putting feather (aka “down”) pillows in the dryer is a safe and effective way to dry them. It also has the added benefit of making your pillows feel softer and fluffier. Set your dryer to the no-heat or low-heat setting to prevent it from getting damaged. Add a few dryer balls (or tennis balls) to the cycle to help restore the fluffiness of the pillow. Once it is completely dry, give it a good shake to break up any clumps and to distribute the feathers evenly. 

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