About Us

How it Began…

With so much misinformation on the internet, we saw a real need for guides and tutorials that have been tried and tested by real people. We were tired of trying something only for it not too work or make the problem worse (warning: hairspray does not remove ink stains!).

About Us

We are a duo – a researcher/tester and a cleaning/gardening professional. Our mission is to provide information you can trust. Whether it’s cleaning car headlights or restoring your tired Doc Martin’s – we want to be your trusted source of information. No second guessing what will or won’t work.

We source the best information, test it (to make sure it actually works!) and then compile it into an easy to digest format.

For tougher subjects, we call in Emma, our in-house professional, to provide tried and tested tips and tricks.

We love accepting questions from our community, so Contact Us to submit your query for us to test and review.

Meet Jill (& Lucky the dog)

Jill is our chief tester. It is her job to make sure that each guide actually works. You will regularly find her with vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice, testing the latest home hacks. She’s also a skilled researcher and writer & is, more often than not, the person behind the Tested Home Solution articles and guides. If you have a cleaning hack that you’d like Jill to test and review, you can get in touch via the “Contact Us” form.

Jill also has a furry friend (Lucky) who accompanies her on her testing escapades. He is affectionately known as our office PA and occasionally models in our pet guides.

(Disclaimer: not an actual picture of Jill. Although, she is a fan of head scarves in real life.)

Meet Emma

Emma is our in-house home professional. She is a former cleaning and gardening professional and has a wealth of tried and tested knowledge. She is an absolute wizard at stain removal and can bring almost any garment back to life.

Whilst we like to test every hack we get sent, in some cases that’s not possible. When we get stuck and need an expert to guide, us Emma is the first person we call.

Emma also reviews all our guides before we press publish. Getting her tick of approval gives us peace of mind that we’re providing expert-approved information.

If you have a home or garden question that you’d like Emma to write about, you can get in touch via the “Contact Us” form.

Whilst not an actual image of Emma, it does strike a fair resemblance. Emma is also a real-life plant lover.

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